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The Iceman cometh

Wim Hof is able to withstand deadly sub-zero temperatures by controlling his body’s core temperature. It could have important implications for you and your health

Text by Mandi Keighran / Photos: Henny Boogert

What makes an iceman?

  • In experiments conducted on him, Hof stood in a cylinder filled with 700kg of ice. His core body temperature remained at 37°C
  • Hof is able to raise his cortisol levels and suppress cytokines (flammatory bodies) using his meditation techniques
  • In 2007, Hof attempted to climb Mt Everest wearing only shorts and no shoes. He failed the attempt due to a foot injury
  • Hof can suppress his immune response by 50 per cent, meaning he showed hardly any flu-like symptoms during experiments
  • In 2010, Hof visited the North Pole, where he held his breath for 6 minutes and 20 seconds below the surface of the ice
  • Hof once demonstrated his free climbing skills by hanging between two hot air balloons by his middle finger at an altitude of 1,500m

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